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OUR COVID-19 Management : A Mess or A Masterpiece?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

COVID-19 and challenges of this magnitude require principled and firm leadership. Principled leadership speaks to leadership that clearly outlines its values, and consistently makes decisions based on those values in a transparent way. Having a principled leadership style does not mean that there will be no missteps or mistakes and that leadership is above criticism or reproach. However, principled leadership provides a clear, calm and sober stability due to an unwavering commitment to consistency and to keeping citizens informed, engaged and comfortable.

Given the early returns from The Voice of The People 2022, now, with 450+ surveys completed, there has been a noteworthy amount of persons who have selected active and non-active women politicians as better alternatives to current party and national leadership. In an article posted on (, author Avivah-Wittenberg Cox takes a deep dive into the response from 7 countries lead by women. These countries, with a combined population of 127M+ persons and a death toll just slightly above 3,000 total persons, translated to a mortality rate of 0.000002362%. This contrast is stark when compared to the 4% global mortality rate. These women leaders have driven their countries through this crisis with a personal, empathetic, and holistic approach. They have employed principled leadership and have ensured their citizens are informed, comfortable and protected through decisive action, efficient use of technology and strong communication. This approach ensures that they keep their citizenry aware, sensitized and better equipped to deal with the strain of dealing with a fluid situation like COVID-19 and the health & economic implications of the crisis.

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on global health care and economies, our government finds itself having to walk a tight rope of balancing the economy and public health concerns. It is not a time for pandemic politics. We must have constructive and action based collaboration to ensure that no Bahamian life is put at unnecessary risk, and we do not do irreparable damage to The Bahamas as a brand. The Bahamian people must not get lost in the shuffle.

We must judge policy based on the results it yields and not the intent. No matter the view from the outside, The Bahamian people must always come first. Collaboration does not begin and end based on the views shared and voted upon in The House of Assembly. The job of the MP is to stand on behalf of, and in the gap for all constituents regardless of class. The Voice of The People must always be the guide.

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