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Business Development

Data Collection & Survey Research 

We use smart survey technology to build and deliver intuitive surveys that help to get to the facts of the questions are clients desire to know most. We employ a wide range of tactics including focus groups, field operations, web surveys, and more, to ensure quality intelligence and fact-based insights. 

We help you develop plans to win at the point-of-sale by getting to the heart of what your consumers value most during their shopper experience. 

We rely on our wealth of multi-industry experience and knowledge to help develop innovative strategies to improve cost efficiency, develop iconic brand identity and drive top line growth for long term & sustainable business success.

Retail Consulting


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Our commitment to business innovation is not only to help stimulate profitable business growth, but to help pioneer new ways of advertising & promotion and product development for the cost and equity benefit of Bahamian consumers.

Business Innovation

Politics, Political Policy & Economics

Political policy shapes the socioeconomic outlook of our nation and we're committed to constantly probing to better understand exactly how these three things interact and impact day-to-day lives of all Bahamians.

To help guide, shift and shape policy to create sustainable and positive change.

Consumer & Shopper

Optimize your business by getting to the root of your consumers' key needs, identify how & what they would like to have fill to fill local industry gaps.

Get closer to your existing and potential consumers by understanding what they watch & listen to, current trends and information based strategies to help you stay ahead of competition and capture pockets to growth.

The face of mass media continues to evolve day-by-day. We help you to understand exactly who is listening to what and when. We will provide the basis for your short, medium and long term A&P planning against defined business goals.

Media Measurement

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